Q&A with Growfish.co!

Why did you start Growfish.co?

After working in marketing for over a decade and witnessing the many evolutions within the digital industry I wanted to see whether it was possible to create a truly sustainable business using design and tech for good. I firmly believe that all industries have a responsibility to be greener as the environmental issues that currently dominate the planet can only be changed with an innovative, human-led approach. The internet is just as polluting as the entire airline industry put together so it’s vital we start to prioritize greener websites and become more mindful of how we use technology as its resource heavy and time is running out. We all deserve to live in an environment that enables us to thrive. I wanted Growfish to be a space of authenticity and transparency and it is those values we bring to everything we do.

What is Growfish.co?

Growfish.co is a digital marketing agency on a mission to help purpose-driven brands grow. We believe in future proofing your business and supporting an economy that nourishes and sustains the planet we live in. Our sustainable strategies have been honed over years of work to generate consistent results, with a fresh and integrated approach. We offer content marketing, ad management, green web design and branding, sustainability reporting, as well as social media management, email marketing and SEO. All our services can help a small ecommerce store grow or a larger business focus their marketing efforts. We help provide clarity and cohesion by guiding and directing brands with focused communications and eco tech initiatives.

Which clients do you take on? How do you select if they meet your standards?

We work with brands who have a genuine interest in making a positive and lasting impact. We help empower businesses to craft an authentic narrative by following best sustainable practices that will help them talk directly to the conscious consumer base. We aim to share our passion, creativity and digital marketing knowledge while promoting greener consumer habits, tools and services that create a positive change for both people and the planet

A product or brand you love?

There are some really great brands out there spearheading this new movement of slow, conscious consumerism. Every Saturday we feature a small sustainable business making a difference, follow us on IG and check them out!


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