My 2021 Sustainable Intentions

2020 was a shit show and honestly, this year isn’t magically renewed with the sprinkle of some fairy dust. HOWEVER, I am feeling optimistic about the things I can control in my own life. Namely, the goals I have for myself (and my partner) to live more sustainably and low waste. I’ve never pretended to be an expert on this subject and I am learning every single day about how to be a bit better. When it comes to our environmental footprint and how our choices affect the planet, I think we can all do a little bit each day to help. Sidebar: nobody expects perfection!

Here are some of my intentions for the year, I hope you join in my journey and follow along as well.

*SEE END OF POST FOR THE ECO CHALLENGE SHEET TO TRACK YOUR SUSTAINABLE ACHIEVEMENTS THIS YEAR* (two save-able/printable versions depending on what you like)

πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  1. Read Books/Watch Movies/Listen to Podcasts to inform myself more and more about sustainability practices! Here are a few on my list:

Books (you can find most of these on Amazon or at your local bookstore): ECOrenaissance (just started in an eco book club launched by my insta pal @sweet.sustainability and this is the first book), F**k Plastic, Simply Living Well: A Guide to Creating a Natural Low Waste Home, The Sustainable(ish) Living Guide, The Curated Closet, Turning the Tide on Plastic, This is a Good Guide

Movies: A Life on Our Planet (Netflix), The Biggest Little Farm (Amazon Prime), RiverBlue (rent through Vimeo), The Minimalists: Less is Now (Netflix), Chasing Coral (Netflix), Kiss the Ground (Netflix), Artifishal: The Fight to Save the Wild Salmon (Patagonia Youtube Channel), Life Off Grid (Amazon Prime), The True Cost (Youtube)

Podcasts: Eco Chic, A Sustainable Mind, Conscious Chatter, Green Dreamer, The Minimalists

2. Buy Less Single Use Plastic! A toughie but a goodie – this is super important when it comes to reducing your household waste. I still have a ton of single use plastic in my cupboards and I don’t think that will ever completely go away, but any chance I get to purchase an alternative or refill an old jar I will!

3. Only Buy Thrifted/Used Clothing for a Year! I was thinking that this one would be super easy since we’re still in a pandemic and I’ve been heavily frequenting the sweatpants drawer lately, BUT I’ve already found a moment or two where I had to stop myself from purchasing. This should be interesting! I would invite everyone to join me on this one.

4. Change Out Old (ready to be thrown away) Items for Sustainable Swaps. This will include things like plastic razors in the bathroom (swap for a safety razor) and dishwashing sponges (swap for a reusable brush), etc etc. I only want to do this once the non-reusable items have been fully used, since it’s always better to use what you have before replacing it with a sustainable swap.

5. Meal Plan on Sundays. Right now I don’t have a traditional work week, but my partner does work a 9-5 (from home during covid), so I stick in that schedule with him as much as I can. Meal planning makes a HUGE difference when it comes to food waste since you are only buying what you need for the meals that week. I am also mostly plant based with my eating, with the occasional egg or piece of fish, which I would recommend trying at least a few days a week to reduce your impact on the planet.

There are my set intentions for the year, which I think are pretty attainable! I’ve made a cute little Eco Challenge Sheet below if you want to follow along the journey! Put it up on your fridge and every time you complete one of these goals you can give yourself a little reward (for me it’ll probably be food related heehee).

Stay Green! Follow me @sustainablesydb on Instagram ❀

Here are the Eco Challenge Sheets!

Save these to your phone or print and put whichever one you fancy up on your fridge. Try and do them over the next year; I will be doing them along with you guys!


3 thoughts on “My 2021 Sustainable Intentions

  1. Best of luck with your eco challenges! Using less single use plastic will certainly be a tough one. Me and my wife tried no plastic for a week last year and it opened our eyes, that stuff is everywhere. But in the end we did get a few good alternatives we’ve stuck to permanently now.


    1. That is so great that you were able to stick to some changes permanently! It can be so tough, so good on you guys for sticking with it and trying to challenge yourselves with a no plastic week. I’ll have to try that! πŸ™‚

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