Hello, Howdy!

Welcome to my very first blog post – from me to you with love.

Ken Reid Conservation Area – Kawartha Lakes, Ontario

I want to start by saying THANK YOU to anyone who’s come to read my blog, whether it be family members and friends or strangers, this really means a lot that you care. To quote the great Liza Minnelli, “you like me, you really like me!”.

So what am I doing?

  • taking you on my favourite hikes/paddles in Ontario while leaving little trace that I was there except for the distant echoes of my loud voice
  • trying to be more sustainable with my clothing and cleaner with my beauty products – take this journey with me, it’ll be fun and your skin might even thank you!
  • all the same stuff I was already doing but now I’m going to share it HERE and try to improve and make myself better (and hopefully funnier??) along the way
  • providing tips for low waste living (my friends already hate me for not buying paper towels, now your friends can hate you too!)
  • creating a positive and joyful space – anyone can live sustainably, it’s about baby steps and willingness to help our MUTHA EARTH!

In my first few weeks I hope to post about some of my favourite hikes/paddles/camping, recent local trips I’ve done, and my faves for sustainable fashion and clean beauty. Don’t hold me to all of this because frankly, it’s kind of a tall order. That being said, I’m going to try and do what everyone does and balance 500 things at once, say I don’t have enough time, then proceed to watch 5 reruns of RuPaul’s Drag Race back to back and call it a night. I hope if you’re reading this I’ve sparked your interest (or at least your pity) and you’ll join me on this new creative journey!

Check out my “About” page for more info about this blog and me! Oh and toss me a follow if you like nature, preserving our planet, or the occasional weirdo post.

Instagram: @sustainablesydb


2 thoughts on “Hello, Howdy!

  1. Hi Syd!!

    Considering how long it’s been, loving this window into your life currently!
    I definitely will be checking out those apps you recommended and many of these other tips (that I’ve not incorporated into my life already).

    Any chance you’ll be looking at sustainable beauty in particular in a future post? Could definitely use some sustainable recommendations for reusable makeup pads and Q-tips if you know of any!

    Hope you’re doing well and looking forward to your future writing! ❤


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    1. Hey Rebecca! Love that you’re loving it and can’t wait to chat more soon! That’s awesome that you’re going to try some of these out and yes 100% will be doing a whole section on clean beauty so look out for that soon. Hope you’re doing great as well (or as well as you can be during a pandemic)! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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